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Brunei Darussalam

Essential Step

Perform a trademark search to check the novelty of your trademark in a country Trademark database.

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File a trademark application with a national/ international Trademark Registry.

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Formulate a Response to an office action against your Trademark application issued by examiner(s) of a Trademark Office.

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Publish your Trademark application in a Government Gazette/Publication.

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Request for a Certificate of Trademark Registration from a Trademark Office.

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Renew your Trademark Registration.

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Optional Step

Appoint a trademark agent to prosecute/maintain your Trademark before a Trademark Office.
File an opposition against a third party trademark application published by a Trademark Office.
Transfer ownership of your Trademark to another party.
Submit evidence of use of your Trademark with a Trademark Office.

Single Image or Zip File

File size not more then 10MB.